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BrewWiki is a user-built collection of articles on brewing and homebrewing topics.

Navigating BrewWiki

BrewWiki is very easy to navigate. Hot links are highlighted in blue and clicking on any link will take you to that topic. Incomplete links are listed in RED. Start at the Main Page and click on any of the main brewing portals to get started. You can also perform a search by typing a keyword into the search box and clicking Go.

Contributing an Article to BrewWiki

Please visit the BrewWiki:Community Portal for a complete guide to logging in, creating or editing content, site structure, and formatting.

Content Guidelines

  • The posting of Copyrighted Material, Adult Content, Blatent Advertising, Inappropriate Content, and material wholly unrelated to brewing is expressly prohibited
  • All contributions are to be in English
  • Please avoid foul language, abusing other members, and other forms of bad behavior
  • Please report any abusive or bad behavior
  • Keep contibutions factual and brief
  • Content that promotes excessive or underage drinking is prohibited

Removing Inappropriate Content

  • If you find inappropriate content, please feel free to revert the offending page to its original state using the history tab, and then contact an administrator. To revert to an old version, go to the history tab, look at the old versions until you find the one you want, then click on the edit tab to edit that version and save it. When you edit and save an old version it will become the current version for the web site. Contributors who blatently violate guidelines will be banned.
  • If you have any problems, please report them to the administrator BrewWiki.

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