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Craft beer is beer sold to the public that is produced by a brewpub, microbrewery or regional brewer. Craft beers are typically all-malt beers that started in microbreweries or brewpubs. The success of these small brewers eventually led some to expand to regional breweries, and the term craft beer was coined to distinguish the distinctive products of these new micro- and regional breweries from the products of traditionally large breweries.

Prior to prohibition, thousands of small breweries existed throughout the United States. Post prohibition, beer brewing was dominated by just a handful of major brewers making a small selection of beer styles - usually Pilsners with large amounts of rice and corn added. After President Carter lifted the prohibition on homebrewing in 1978, the resurgence of homebrewing brought with it a new demand for beer styles from throughout the world. To meet this need, microbreweries and brewpubs started to pop up in the 1980's and 1990's throughout the country providing a huge selection of beer styles. Some of the more successful small breweries eventually expanded to become regional breweries.

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