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This category lists pages that have been marked as stubs by their original authors or editors. A stub is a BrewWiki article that is either a work in progress or a topic that simply has not been expanded yet. In most cases, the topic is defined, but does not have a proper length article or references included.

Defining Stubs

You can define a topic as a stub by including the following code at the bottom of the page - {{Stub}} - which will also include it as a member of this category.

Expanding and Removing Stubs

If you want to help expand a topic that is marked as a stub, please visit the Community Portal to learn how to edit, format and organize pages. Once you have edited and formatted a stub, you can remove it from the stub list by taking out the {{Stub}} template line at the bottom of the page.

Editors Note - The Template:Stub listing will always appear on this page, as it is by definition a member of the Category:Stubs. You don't need to edit Template:Stub - the template stub is protected to prevent accidental editing.

Pages in category "Stubs"

This category contains only the following page.