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Brown Porter is a milder, sweeter form of porter than Robust Porter but not as mild as a brown ale. Brown porters typically have more complex caramel flavors and less of a roasted flavor than robust porters.


Porters originated in England originally from a blend of beers known as Entire made of sour ale, brown ale and weak ale. The resulting blend became quite popular with transport workers or porters in central London in the late 1700's. The beer became so popular that it led to excesses in some cases. One article reports that a huge vat of Porter exceeding 500,000 gallons burst at the Meux Brewery in October of 1814, sending a tsunami of beer flowing through the streets crushing houses and killing 8 people.


Light-Med to medium body. Well balanced low to medium malt flavor and hop bitterness. Medium to dark brown. Medium to no hop flavor. No roast character. Low ester, fruitiness, diacytl. Low to medium carbonation. Softer, sweeter and more caramel flavor than than robust porter. A very drinkable, popular, well balanced dark ale without the roast barley flavor of stout. Mild roastiness or chocolate flavor may be evident.


  • Color Range: 20.0-30.0 SRM
  • Original Gravity Range: 1.040-1.052 SG
  • Final Gravity Range: 1.008-1.014 SG
  • Bitterness Range: 18.0-35.0 IBU
  • Alcohol by Volume Range: 4.0-5.4 %
  • Carbonation Range: 1.8-2.5 vols
  • BJCP Style Number: 12 A


  • English malt. Dark Crystal, chocolate and black or roast malt. Traditional english ale hops and yeast. Moderate carbonate water.


  • Burton Porter, Whitbread Porter, Yuengling Porter, Samuel Smith Taddy Porter, Fuller's London Porter, St Peter's Old-Style Porter, Bateman's Salem Porter, Flag Porter

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