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American Stout is a reflection of the English/Irish stout styles made with American hops and malts. It reflects a hoppier character and somewhat higher alcohol content.


American Stout is a US adaptation of the classic English and Irish styles. It usually has a roasted flavor and slightly higher hops and alcohol content than comparable Irish and English versions.


Med to full body. may be creamy. Coffee roasted flavor. Low to med sweetness. Chocolate or caramel flavor. Med to high bitterness. Med to dry finish. Medium to high carbonation. Hoppy, bitter, roasted Foreign Style Stout. Often has a roast coffee or dark chocolate character. May vary slightly in hops, malt profile, sweetness and flavor, but with a bold roast and hoppy flavor.


  • Color Range: 30.0-45.0 SRM
  • Original Gravity Range: 1.050-1.075 SG
  • Final Gravity Range: 1.010-1.022 SG
  • Bitterness Range: 35.0-75.0 IBU
  • Alcohol by Volume Range: 5.0-7.0 %
  • Carbonation Range: 2.3-2.9 vols
  • BJCP Style Number: 13 E


  • American base malts, hops and yeasts
  • Variety of caramel malts, dark and roasted malts
  • Oatmeal, flaked barley or similar adjuncts as appropriate


  • Sierra Nevada Stout, Mad River Steelhead Extra Stout, Bell's Kalamazoo Stout, Mendocino Black Hawk Stout

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