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Cream Ale is an American version of a lager that is a cross between ale and lager styles.


Cream ales were originally brewed by ale breweries to compete with lagers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Cream ale has its roots in American lager styles, and sometimes uses ale, lager or mixed ale and lager strains. It is generally fermented as an ale and later lagered at cold temperature.


Clean with low hop flavor and aroma. Faint malt notes. Light bodied, high carbonation. Little malt flavor. Pale straw to moderate gold color. Low fruitiness, no diacytl. Light American style that often uses a combination of lager and ale yeast. First fermented as an ale, then lagered at cold temperature. Sometimes blended with a lager to produce lagered effect.


  • Color Range: 2.5-5.0 SRM
  • Original Gravity Range: 1.042-1.055 SG
  • Final Gravity Range: 1.006-1.012 SG
  • Bitterness Range: 15.0-23.0 IBU
  • Alcohol by Volume Range: 4.2-5.6 %
  • Carbonation Range: 2.6-2.7 vols
  • BJCP Style Number: 6 A


  • Pale American two or six row malt
  • Light lager, ale or mixed yeast
  • Low hop rate
  • Up to 20% corn, sugar or rice to lighten body
  • Soft water preferred.


  • Little Kings Cream Ale, Genesee Cream Ale, Sleeman Cream Ale, Wisconson Brewing Whitetail Cream Ale

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