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Amarillo hops were bred by Virgil Gamache Farms Inc. in Washington State. The company trademarked the name "Amarillo" and is the exclusive grower of the variety. The aroma and flavor profile is very fruity and floral, with strong citrus-like (orange) characteristics. Due to its low cohumulone content, Amarillo hops are a good choice for bittering with alpha acids in the range of 8-11%. They are best used in American style ales due to their distinctive aroma and flavor.


  • Typical Use : All-Purpose
  • Alpha Acid : 8 - 11%
  • Cohumulone : 21 - 24%
  • Beta Acid : 6 - 7%
  • Origination : USA
  • Commercial Examples : Mikkeller Amarillo Single Hop IPA, Stone Levitation Ale
  • Characteristics : Floral, Citrus Fruit, Oranges
  • Styles : American Pale Ale, American IPA
  • Similar Hops : Cascade, Centennial, Columbus

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