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Extracts are concentrated wort made from mashing grain malt and then removing a portion of the water to either concentrate it into a thick syrup or a dry powder. The main advantage of using Extract Brewing instead of All Grain brewing is that it allows beginning and intermediate brewers to skip the mashing and lautering steps, and move straight into boiling the extract with hops. This cuts the total brew time by half or more. In addition, extract brewing can be done with much less equipment than the full all-grain process. The disadvantage of brewing with extracts is that the brewer does not have as much control over the composition and ingredients used as an all-grain brew.

Extract Forms

Extracts are available in two forms:

  • Canned Extract - A thick syrup of concentrated extract, most often packaged in cans of 3 to 3.3lb each.
  • Dry Extract - A dried form of extract served in powder form - typically bagged.

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