Extract Brewing

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Extract Brewing

Extract brewing is the form of brewing used by most new brewers. Extract brewing involves the use of concentrated Malt Extract in the brewing process. The use of malt extract lets the brewer skip the mashing process, and move directly to the boil and fermentation steps. Extract brewing takes considerably less time and equipment than All Grain brewing. In extract brewing is added directly to the brew pot and boiled together with Hops to create a sweet liquid called wort for fermenting.

Extract Brewing Steps

The extract brew process involves the following steps.

  • Water is added to a brew pot and heated
  • Specialty grains may be steeped in the brew pot while heating to add color, flavor and body. These grains are usually removed before boiling.
  • Syrup malt extract is added to the water to form a sweet wort
  • Hops are added, and the wort is boiled for 45-90 minutes
  • Cold water is added to bring the volume up and the wort is cooled to room temperature as quickly as possible
  • Yeast is added, and the beer ferments for 7-14 days
  • Priming sugar is added to the finished beer and it is bottled or kegged for consumption

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