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BrewWiki Intent

BrewWiki is an open site, created by its members. The posting of copyrighted, slanderous, adult content or other inappropriate material is expressly prohibited.

The intent of BrewWiki is to provide a collection of articles on brewing topics for general use by the public. Material on non-brewing related topics are not appropriate for this site.

However, since BrewWiki is editable by its members, we can NOT be responsible for its content. Members are highly encouraged to remove copyrighted, offensive or inappropriate content immediately by editing the offensive page. In addition, members are encouraged to contact the administrators and offending user if you see offensive or inappropriate content. Repeat offenders will banned from BrewWiki.


BeerSmith, BrewWiki, and Bradley Smith hereby disclaim any liability for the contents posted on BrewWiki. Anyone finding copyrighted, slanderous or other inappropriate material is highly encouraged to remove it and report the contributor of such material to the administrators for removal.