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About BrewWiki

BrewWiki was created in June of 2006 by Brad Smith, the author of BeerSmith.

The concept behind BrewWiki is quite simple - a place where anyone can contribute to a growing encyclopedia of brewing knowledge for all to share.

Anyone can submit an article to BrewWiki - just create an account and start your own article.


  • The posting of Copyrighted Material, Adult Content, Blatent Advertising, Inappropriate Content, and material wholly unrelated to brewing is expressly prohibited
  • All contributions are to be in English
  • Please avoid foul language, abusing other members, and other forms of bad behavior
  • Please report any abusive or bad behavior
  • Keep contibutions factual and brief

If you find inappropriate content, please feel free to edit it out of the offending page, and then contact an administrator.

If you have any problems, please report them to the user BrewWiki. Contributors who blatently violate guidelines will be banned.

If you would like to make a donation to the operation of BrewWiki, see the Site Support page.