Blonde Ale

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Blonde Ale also called Golden Ale is a straw to medium blonde ale that has moderate bitterness and maltiness.


Blonde Ale's originated in North America. Craft Beer brewers created blonde ale as a moderate introduction for mass market American consumers used to traditional American mass market beers such as American Pilsner.


Dry, light to medium body with light malty sweetness. Low to medium hop bitterness with minimal aroma. Slight fruit flavor. Light yellow to golden blonde color with no chill haze. Med to high carbonation. All malt, dry, crisp beer approximating a lager in overall character. Enjoying a resurgence at may microbreweries as an alternative to American style lagers.


  • Color Range: 3.0-6.0 SRM
  • Original Gravity Range: 1.038-1.054 SG
  • Final Gravtity Range: 1.008-1.013 SG
  • Bitterness Range: 15.0-28.0 IBU
  • Alcohol by Volume Range: 3.8-5.5 %
  • Carbonation Range: 2.4-2.8 vols
  • BJCP Style Number: 6 B


  • Generally all malt. Sometimes uses up to 25% wheat or sugar adjuncts. Low hop rate. American, light English or Kolsch yeast. Some have honey, spices or fruit added.


  • Goose Island Blonde Ale, Redhook Blonde, Sea Dog Windjammer Blonde, Catamount Gold, Hollywood Blonde, Pete's Wicked Summer Brew

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