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An American Ale

An easy to make all grain American Ale in the classic style. Medium copper color, balanced flavor and a pleasant use of American hops make this a nice smooth stock brew for your favorite fridge.

Recipe Specification

  • Brewer: BrewWiki
  • Style: American Pale Ale
  • Type: All Grain
  • Batch Size: 5.00 gal
  • Boil Size: 6.82 gal
  • Estimated OG: 1.047 SG
  • Estimated Color: 8.8 SRM
  • Estimated IBU: 33.5 IBU
  • Brewhouse Efficiency: 70.0 %
  • Boil Time: 60 Minutes


  • 8 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) Bel (3.0 SRM) Grain
  • 1 lbs Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L (40.0 SRM) Grain
  • 4.0 oz Munich Malt (9.0 SRM) Grain
  • 0.75 oz Centennial [8.40%] (60 min) Hops 24.9 IBU
  • 1.00 oz Cascade [6.00%] (10 min) Hops 8.6 IBU

Mash Schedule

Mash Schedule: Single Infusion, Full Body, No Mash Out, Total Grain Weight: 9.25 lb

  • Mash In Add 11.56 qt of water at 177.0 F Step 158.0 F 45 min


This is a nice starter brew for someone learning to brew all grain. It also makes a nice stock brew as it has a pleasant balanced flavor that appeals to many people. I used a Gott style cooler for mashing, and a single infusion mash with no mash out as shown above.

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