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=="Digg Like" Home Brewing and Craft Beer News New BeerSmith Recipes Site - BrewPoll==Finally a social web With BeerSmith 2.0 site dedicated to home brewing and craft beer news. 1 we've launched a new [ BrewPollBeerSmith Recipe Cloud] is a place where you can share your favorite brewing articles and that features thousands of recipes contributed by the community gets to vote the best stories to the front page! == Hops Crisis Continues ==A nice little article on the ongoing [ hops crisis] Anyone can browse and its causes.enjoy!
== Weekly Home Brewing Articles from Our Blog ==
BeerSmith put together a [ new blog] with weekly articles on a full range of homebrewing techniques, beer styles, recipes and news.
==Fear not the Beer Belly==
Yes, beer is not the main cause of the dreaded beer belly as [ this article] clearly explains!
==New AntiSpam Features==
I implemented a "Captcha confirmation" feature on the forum due to excessive spamming. If you create an edit that includes a link you will be asked to confirm it by entering a few characters. This prevents spam bots from polluting the site.
==Pairing Beer with Food==