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Grain Mill

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==Type of Mills==
* '''Corona Mill''' - A corona Corona mill (or the similar Victoria mill ) looks very much like a sausage grinder. It mills the grain by forcing it between two rotating plates. Corona mills are the cheapest to purchase, but can be difficult to adjust as they tend to powder the grain and husk rather than leaving the husk intact. Unlike most of the other mills mentioned below, it is primarily designed for milling flour.
* '''Single Roller Mill''' - A single roller malt mill presses the grains between a moving roller and immobile roller or plate. This results in a better crush than the corona mill, but still produces some powdering of the husk.
* '''Dual Roller Mill''' - A dual roller malt mill provides the best overall crush price/performance for a homebrewer. If properly adjusted, it will crush the interior of the grain while leaving the husks largely intact.* '''Triple Roller Mill''' - A triple roller mill provides the best crush available to a homebrewer, but at a significance price increase from the dual roller mills. Triple roller mills have only become widely available since 2010, and are still fairly uncommon due to their price. ==Mill Vendors and Manufacturers==* [ Corona-type Mills on Amazon]* [ Barley Crusher home page]* [ Crankandstein Mills home page]* [ Monster Brewing Hardware home page]
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