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==About BrewWiki== was created in June of 2006 by Brad Smith, the author of [ BeerSmith]. The concept behind BrewWiki is quite simple - a place where anyone can contribute to a growing encyclopedia of brewing knowledge for all to share. Anyone can edit or submit an article to BrewWiki - visit our [[BrewWiki:Community Portal]] to learn more.
BrewWiki joins Brad's circle of homebrewing social sites including [ BeerSmith's Home Brewing Blog], [http://www.brewpoll BrewPoll Home Brewing News] and [ The BeerSmith Discussion Forum].
===Content Guidelines===
If you would like to make a donation to the operation of, see the [[BrewWiki:Site support|Site Support]] page. However the greatest donation you can make is to contribute articles and new material to this wiki.
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