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Most Wanted

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The BrewWiki '''Most Wanted''' is a list of the articles you that readers would like to have most. Please add important titles you think we might be missing below, along with a short description of each. That way This will serve as a ''to do list'' for authors can go here to start filling in the topics you would like most to seedeveloping.
==Most Wanted Articles==
* [[Sparging]] - Article incomplete - needs types of sparging fleshed out
* [[Estimating Bitterness]] - A technical article on methods for calculating bitterness
* [[Hops]] - We need more more varieties to be listed and described
* [[Cask Ales]] - Information on brewing cask ales at home.
* [[Beer Engine]] - An article on building a beer engine for homebrewed cask ales.
* [[Lagering]] - An article on how to lager beer. Specifically for folks who have only brewed ales.
* (Insert your article name in the format '''<nowiki>[[Article Name]]</nowiki>''' and a short description here)
==General Site Needs==
* '''Logo''' - We really need a nice logo for BrewWiki - please contact [[User:BrewWiki|BrewWiki]] if you have an idea. Size is 136x136 pixels gif.
* '''Pictures''' - Need pictures of all kinds - use the ''upload file'' command in the at left. Please NO copyrighted material. Its best if you can post your own photos. Please cut them down to web size first (256x256 pix or less) to avoid clogging up the server. See the [[Hydrometer]] page for an example of how to include a picture on a page.
* [[Books]] - Book reviews are needed
* [[Equipment]] - Needs short or long articles and pictures of various types of brewing equipment.
* [[Recipes]] - Always wanted - and so far one of the most popular pages on the site.
==See Also==
* [[Community Portal]] - Editing, Portal structure and author guidelines
* [[Special:Wantedpages|Wanted Pages]] - A Wiki generated list of ''stub'' articles that have not been built yet.