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===Measuring Bitterness===
Hop bitterness is measured in ''[[International Bitterness Units''' ]] or ''IBU's''. One IBU is one part per million of ''isohumulone'' which is a bittering (alpha) acid. IBU's can be estimated when brewing a beer by several different formulas, the most popular of which are the ''Tinseth'', ''Rager'' and ''Garetz'' formulas. IBU's for light beers are generally in the 10-20 range, while dark flavorful beers such as stouts may have an IBU as high as 50. Some barley wines have IBU values of 100 or more to offset the extreme malty sweetness of the beer. See the [[Beer Styles]] BJCP guide for some typical IBU ranges for different styles of beer.
===Bittering Oils===