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Brewers Gold Hops

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== Brewers Gold Hops ==


Brewers Gold is a complex bittering hop that is noted to have a sharp or pungent bittering quality. It also imparts a fruity yet spicy aroma as well as having a black currant characteristic. It is on the low end of the bittering hop scale at 8 to 10% AAU typically.
Brewers Gold can be used in a wide range of styles from English Ales to German Lagers and adds a decidely 'European' element to the beer. These make a good partner to noble varieties such as Tettnang and Hallertauer.


Typical Use : Bittering
Alpha Acid : 5 to 10% AAU (variable)

Origination : UK, Germany

Commercial Examples : Pete's Wicked Ale

Characteristics : Pungent bittering with spicy aromas

Styles : English Ale, German Lager

Similar Hops : Bullion, Chinook, Galena.