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===Hops Storage===
The alpha and beta acids in hops are both vulnerable to oxidation which will decrease their effectiveness. Hops will degrade faster at temperatures above freezing. Hops should be refrigerated in your freezer, and sealed in an airtight container (ideally vacuum packed foil oxygen barrier container) to prevent oxidation.
===Hops Usage===
Hops can be used at many stages in the brewing process:
* '''Boil Hops''' - Hops used during the main boil to add bitterness and flavor to the beer.
* '''Aroma Hops''' - Hops added at the end of the boil to release aroma. Many aromatic oils in hops will boil off after a period of time, so hops added at the end of the boil maintain many aromatic qualities.
* '''Dry Hops''' - Hops added in the secondary fermentation, usually a day or two before bottling, primarily for aroma.
* '''Mash Hops''' - Hops added to the mash tun, effectively get steeped and can add some flavor though they usually contribute little to the bitterness of the beer.
* '''First Wort Hops''' - Hops added to the boiler as the wort is first being sparged. These hops effectively get steeped and then boiled with the main boil. First wort hopping results in a better blending of hops flavor with the wort though it generally reduces hop utilization slightly when compared to traditional boiled hops.
==Hop Varieties==