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Malting Process

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==The Malting Process=='''Malting ''' is a process in which grains are allowed to germinate and then quickly dried in a kiln before the plant has a chance to fully develop. Most grains that homebrewers purchase have already been malted and are ready for either steeping or crushing and [[mashing]]. The malting process develops enzymes that are required to modify complex starches in the grain into simple fermentable sugars during a later step in the brewing process called [[mashing]]. Malted grains are low in moisture and can be stored for an extended period. Malted grains are also easily crushed for [[All Grain|All Grain Brewing]] or steeped for use in [[Extract Brewing]].
==Steps in the Malting Process==
* Raw grains are soaked to begin germination.
* Moisture and germination is maintained until the green '''acrospire'' (sprout) reaches a length approximately the size length of the grain. This takes approximately 5 days.* Green malt is kiln dried until the level of moisture is reduced to about 6%. Darker grains may be kilned at higher temperature for an extended period to darken or roast the grain adding color and flavor.* The brittle acrospires are separated from the grains, and the grains are malt is packaged for shipping.
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