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Brewing Your First Beer

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Brewing at home for the first time? This simple guide takes you through your first batch of beer including what's needed, how to brew and how to bottle. A short guide for the new homebrewer on how to brew your first [[Extract|extract]] beer!
Author's Note: John Palmer and Brad Smith have a new [ "How to Brew with Malt Extract"] video/DVD which walks you through step by step brewing your first batch of beer, and is highly recommended for beginners.
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* '''A Sterilizing solution''' - Household bleach can be used, but it must be thoroughly rinsed to prevent contamination. Your brew store may also have other alternatives such as iodophor and starsan that also sterilize well.
You can purchase many of these items at your local brew stores or online. Some websites such as [] offer great starter kits. As you get more experienced you can expand on these kits or purchase more experienced kits from other sites.
===Ingredients Needed===